Getting Off Your Cloud

So this is the first post I've written in response to a daily 'one word challenge'. In this case, the word is 'neophyte' - to be a beginner or to undertake something new. You've done this before. It feels second nature. Familiar. Most of the time it's easy and you don't even give it a... Continue Reading →

Just a quick photo post from my Flickr gallery. This one coming from the heart of Montmartre in Paris peering through the stone steps towards the famous carousel... 

The World Needs More Pianos

'The world needs more pianos.' That's what I kept telling myself as I walked back into a music store in Lincoln. In a week that saw some terrible events unfold around the world, I realised that now more than ever we need more pianos. More music. More art. More good things. I'd been saving that money... Continue Reading →

Recent Photo Shoots

Greetings all. So just a quick update with a few recent projects I've worked on. The first includes a shoot with Derby based band, Supersonic Death Monkey. We spent a good couple of hours working mainly in my home studio and then a few outside around the village of Witham St.Hughs. This was a really... Continue Reading →

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