11 Stunning Instagram Photographers You Should Follow

Are you looking for inspiring photographers to add some beauty to your Instagram feed? Are you flicking through too many pictures of restaurant meals and upside down cat selfies? Well read on to discover 11 amazing Instagram photographers you should follow!

With over 200 million active Instagram users uploading an incredible 60 million photos per day, tracking down beautiful and inspiring photography can be a challenge!

I love photography, and for those moments when I don’t have my DSLR to hand, Instagram is the perfect outlet. I can simply reach for my iPhone, snap away, and post to the world! I am always searching for like-minded photographers to connect with, and will update this post to help you find the best Instagram photographers you should follow.

“It’s rewarding to uncover original talented artists who make the most of the square polaroid picture format. These people bring your feed to life with dramatic story-telling photography.”

I hope you like my shortlist of Instagram photographers you should follow. I will update this list as I find new talents! Please share and comment below! =)

Find me on Instagram: instagram.com/pixelglo_photography


1. Tono Ariki – Toronto, Canada

Tono Ariki is a highly talented urban photographer based in Toronto Canada. Producing dramatic photos from cityscapes and high-rise skyscrapers, to graffiti and local culture.

Instagram link: instagram.com/tonoariki

Instagram Photographers You Should Follow | Tonoariki | Pixelglo Photography
Instagram Photographer Tonoariki


2. Ruddy Roye – Brooklyn, New York

Brooklyn based photographer and self-proclaimed “Instagram Activist” Ruddyroye is a street photographer to the core. Producing candid and on-street portraiture with a beautiful gritty “inner city” vibe. I would love tag along and watch this talented photographer at work.

Instagram link: instagram.com/ruddyroye

Instagram Photographers You Should Follow |  Ruddyroye | Pixelglo Photography
Instagram Photographer Ruddyroye


3. Jason Peterson – Chicago

Shooting mostly in monochrome, Jason produces beautiful city scapes and minimalist silhouette people photos.

Instagram link: instagram.com/jasonmpeterson

Instagram Photographers You Should Follow |  Jason Peterson | Pixelglo Photography
Instagram Photographer Jason Peterson


4. Diaphragm – Turkey

Savtekin produces a wide range of pleasing photography, and has a great eye for seeing photos where others cannot. Using reflections, and unique viewpoints to show a different way of seeing something.

Instagram link: instagram.com/diaphragm

Instagram Photographers You Should Follow |  Diaphragm | Pixelglo Photography
Instagram Photographer Diaphragm


5. Dan Rubin – London

Miami born Dan Rubin is a man of many talents. An author,  public speaker, and a photographer. His Instagram is filled with excellent interesting travel photography that will add “something of everything” to your Instagram feed.

Instagram link: instagram.com/danrubin

Instagram Photographers You Should Follow | Dan Rubin| Pixelglo Photography
Instagram Photographer Dan Rubin


6. Mike Kus – UK

Based in the UK, Mike is an extremely talented designer working for a prestigious list of International clientele. He also takes photos. Very excellent photos, centered on a theme of travel and observation.

Instagram link: instagram.com/mikekus

Instagram Photographers You Should Follow | Mike Kus | Pixelglo Photography
Instagram Photographer Mike Kus


7. David Maialetti – Philadelphia

David Maialetti  is a talented photographer who works for the Philadelphia Daily News, and also publishes photos on Instagram. His  photography is very “urban”, and “street”, giving the viewer a unique view into the lives and faces of others.

Instagram link: instagram.com/maialetti

Instagram Photographers You Should Follow |  David Maialetti | Pixelglo Photography
Instagram Photographer David Maialetti


8. Benjamin Heath – Los Angeles

Benjamin is a photographer based in Los Angeles with a published list  established of clients,  who shoots not only beautiful natural scenes, but also people within their element.

Instagram link: instagram.com/benjaminheath

Instagram Photographers You Should Follow |  Benjamin Heath | Pixelglo Photography
Instagram Photographer Benjamin Heath


9. Terry Mclaughlin – Los Angeles

Producing stunning urban and city scape photography from the city of Los Angeles, you can see instantly from Terry’s work that he has a unique style. Able to almost electrify his images with beautiful lighting and atmosphere.

Instagram link: instagram.com/asteryx

Instagram Photographers You Should Follow |  Asteryx | Pixelglo Photography
Instagram Photographer Asteryx


10. Jefferson – Paris

For beautiful photos of Paris, one of my favourite cities in the world, visit Jeff on Instagram.

Instagram link: instagram.com/jeffonline

Instagram Photographers You Should Follow |  Jeffonline| Pixelglo Photography
Instagram Photographer Jeffonline


11. Janske – Canada

Janske based in Canada, produces beautiful dreamy landscapes and scenery, and also quirky soft object photos. A must for anyones Instagram feed.

Instagram link: instagram.com/janske

Instagram Photographers You Should Follow |  Janske | Pixelglo Photography
Instagram Photographer Janske


You can follow me on Instagram 
Instagram link: instagram.com/pixelglo_photography

Thank you for reading my shortlist of Instagram photographers you should follow. I will update this list as I find new talents! Please share this page, and leave a comment below!

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