What is the Google+ Cover Photo Size?

What is the Google+ Cover photo size I hear you ask? Well let me tell you!

After setting up my own Google+ page for my photography business earlier today, I thought you might be interested to know the actual Google+ Cover Photo size in case you’re interested in setting up your own Google+ page!

At the time of writing this, and after playing around with a template in Photoshop, I managed to whittle the image size down to fit without any image compression or colour alterations taking place!

I’ve had a personal Google+ page for a while now, but decided I best create one for Pixelglo Photography as it’s really a no-brainer to put your business presence onto the ever-growing Google platform. In 2014 I attending social media seminars which asked: “Hey, are you on Google+ yet?” This year I’m sure the question will be: “Hey, WHY are you not on Google+ yet?” Linking and connecting your website or blog to a verified Google+ business page will reap rewards when it comes to search engine happiness, and increased potential customer visits.


Google+ Cover Photo Size

Width: 1200px
Height: 680px
Resolution: 72px

Google+ Cover Photo Size
Google+ Cover Photo Size: 1200px x 680px (resolution 72px)

Here’s my current Google+ Cover Photo. I usually keep web images at 72px resolution. I tried using a 300px but Google seemed to compress the image and the colours were altered a little.

You can view my Google+ page by following this link:
Pixelglo Photography on Google+

Thank you for visiting this short post on the Google+ Cover Photo size dimensions. Feel free to comment and share!

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