An Update From Tatooine

So I’ve had a hankering for a while to shoot some more Lego Star Wars Photography, and this past weekend I managed to capture a few photographs!

Setting off to the local hardware store (B&Q) amidst the hive of Saturday morning shoppers, I muscled in with the rest of the DIY enthusiasts and searched for materials to create my “scene” within the magical Lego Star Wars Universe. These materials comprised of a wallpaper pasting table, and a bag of coarse sand. Pretty magical huh!?

Lego Star Wars Photography, by Pixelglo Photography

Until I come up with another material, I find sand a great prop to use for Star Wars land scenes. Maybe one day I can make a “snowy” scene for some Hoth photography? One day! Until then, I’m very happy working on the planet of Tatooine, or perhaps even Jakku, following from the awesome hype of the new trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Speaking of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I will be watching this epic adventure at one minute past midnight on Thursday 17th December, yes, the very first showing! At the iMAX Cinema in Leeds! I cannot wait, and yeah, I’ll be totally shattered throughout Thursday at the office – but I’ll power through!

Anyway, back to photography…

I created a scene using some “Cantina” structures, and some very familiar faces to play the protagonists of the photo shoot! I’ll be posting the latest Star Wars Lego photos over the next few days so please keep an eye on my Flickr and my website!

Thanks for reading.

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