“Cornered!” A Star Wars Lego Photography Short Story

“Dammit Greedo!” Luke said through gritted teeth, breathing hard and feeling the adrenaline coursing through his veins.

“I trade you my Speeder in exchange for safe passage of this rock, and you run straight to the Empire and lead them right to us!”

Obi-Wan glanced across to Luke as they hid behind the sand walls, reaching slowly for his Lightsaber. Luke’s eyes met with the Jedi, and a wave of calm hit the young farm boy as he noticed a small, almost excited smile creep onto the old man’s weathered and wise demeanor. Glancing down he saw the glinting lightsaber hilt in his hand and all of a sudden, he himself felt empowered, flicking the safety off on his blaster and adjusting his grip in readiness.

Around the corner, they both acknowledged the hurried kicking of sand and the loading of blaster-rifles, and the monotone comm chatter of Imperial Stormtroopers. Drowned out by the piercing and oh-so-familiar bark of Jabba The Hutt’s henchman Greedo, selling them out.

Anyone else would have felt cornered and terrified at the thought of facing a squad of Stormtroopers, yet Luke felt strangely calm. Centered. As if an invisible strength was willing him on to triumph.

“Come out with your hands up! By the order of the Empire! Drop your weapons and prepare to face justice! Come out – now!”

Luke made a final glance to Obi-Wan, who’s eyes were closed and his head tilted slightly to the right, as if seeing without sight. The lightsaber in his hand ignited a beautiful light blue, and the thrum of the Jedi weapon silenced the anticipation waiting for them.

This is it…” thought Luke.

Don’t think Luke, feel…” replied Obi-Wan, as they emerged in unison from their hiding place to confront the Empire.

You can view the feature cover photo on my website and FlickrThe next Star Wars Lego Photography short story is coming very soon.

Thank you for reading!


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