Confrontation – A Star Wars Lego Photography Short Story

Diving back into cover, Luke and Obi-Wan pushed their backs to the sandwall and dropped their guard. Behind them, the sound of the last remaining stormtrooper dropping to the ground in a heap could be heard – killed by the arcing blue blade of the old Jedi’s lightsaber.

Luke stood beside his friend, fighting for air and looking up to the skies, fixing his gaze on the gathering array of Imperial Star Destroyers in orbit. “How are we going to get out of this one? How are we going to get off this planet?” He turned to Obi-Wan in desperation, a fear stricken in his eyes as only moments before he had used his blaster upon another – for the first time.

He knew he’d taken at least two lives in the melee – including Greedo. The cowardly bounty hunter who sold them out to the Empire had only managed to fire off one round when Luke and Obi-Wan emerged to face them. The shot flew past Luke’s head,  and the young farm boy instinctively returned a volley of three blaster bolts square into Greedo’s chest, forcing him to clutch inwards and fall facedown into the sand.

He did as Obi-Wan had asked. He “felt” in the moment. Trusting the invisible force to encourage, even guide his actions as he trained his blaster upon the stormtroopers. He tried to block out the screams of the fallen from his thoughts. “You did what you had to do Luke.” Obi-Wan said softly. “If you hadn’t killed those men, they would have taken your life without hesitation.”

Luke’s eyes fell to the sand around his feet, his hair covering his eyes as he took a deep breath and exhaled. “Ben. Something is coming…”

Confrontation - A Star Wars Lego Photography Short Story

Obi-Wan looked puzzled as he had not sensed… and then Jedi’s eyes widened in shock and awe. “He is here.” Amazed the young boy felt his presence before he did, he glanced back at Luke and placed his hand firmly on his shoulder. “Luke, run as fast as you can and don’t look back. Run and seek out the Rebellion. Your destiny lays on a different path from mine.”

“Ben!?” Luke exclaimed, clearly distressed at the finality of the old man’s words, but with that, the Jedi reignited his lightsaber and turned sharply trailing his robes behind him. Walking out into the open and fixing his purpose solely upon the Sith Lord approaching.

Luke glanced around momentarily and a fear struck him hard within as Darth Vader ignited his red crimson blade and marched unrelenting towards his old adversary. He was on a mission of death and revenge fuelled by a pure hatred. Luke felt it inside. It was crushing.

Confrontation - A Star Wars Lego Photography Short Story

Behind them, more Imperial stormtroopers began to gather to admire the spectacle.

Run Luke. Run…” the old Jedi’s voiced whispered within his thoughts, and with that, Luke pushed away from the sandwall and ran as fast as he could down the darkened streets of Mos Eisley. As he turned a corner, upon the thick Tatooine air he heard the electrifying crescendo of lightsabers colliding behind him. Tears began to stream down Luke’s face as the fierce and deadly fight took place, and he was powerless to help his friend. By the time he had turned the fifth corner, the air was silent. Luke holstered his blaster, wiped the tears from his eyes, and reached out in his thoughts to see if he could sense Obi-Wan… but there was nothing.

A well of determination and anger built up inside him. Anger at the Empire. Anger at Darth Vader. Anger at himself for not being strong enough. Luke Skywalker turned on his heels, and followed his destiny deeper into Mos Eisley spaceport.

I’m a photographer and love to create a few scenes within the Star Wars Universe using the aid of Lego. You can see more of my Star Wars Lego Photography on my website, and read more on my blog.

Thanks for reading this short story.


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