New Etsy Shop Update For April 5, 2016

A big Etsy Shop update is scheduled for April 5th, 2016, including a new Etsy Shop Layout with streamlined features and a variety of banner options!

Etsy have released details of a new Etsy Shop update taking effect on April 5th 2016, including a whole host of layout design changes and banner options to help proud sellers like you and I, offer the best and most personalised browsing experience to our visitors. This post looks at the new banner options you’ll have at your fingertips!

New Etsy Shop Update – The Banner

From what I’ve read online, this is possibly one of the most talked about features on Etsy – how to use the Etsy Shop Banner most effectively? The Etsy shop banner is such a powerful and simple resource to use, and it’s entirely down to the experience you want to deliver to your customer in how you use it.

Some people like to use a single image, or multiple images tiled together to give the visitor an instant idea as to what they are selling. Some sellers like to put their branding in the banner to reinforce their name, or even put a slogan to literally spell out the company message to the visitor! Others prefer not to use a banner at all and allow visitors to see their products on the shelf with a minimum of scrolling and fuss.

If you choose to go with a “no banner option” you usually have to ask yourself, are your product images, descriptions, and profile picture compelling enough to instantly turn a random visitor, into an active browser?

I presently use a banner on my Etsy Shop featuring some tiled images that I offer as photographic prints, and I also have the company brand on show.

Pixelglo Photography Etsy Banner


As you may have noticed when logging into your Etsy Dashboard, on April 5th 2016 a new Etsy Shop Update rolls out across every shop!

New Etsy Shop Update 2016

Sellers will be given even more banner options to choose from including;

  • No Banner – “a greater focus on your listings.”
  • Small Banner – “Banners won’t appear on mobile devices.”
  • Cover Photo – “Cover photos look great on all computers and mobile devices.”

Pixelglo Photography Etsy Banner 2016

For the new Etsy Shop update, I think I’m going to try out the new large “cover photo” with it’s new banner size of 1800px x 300px. However I recommend you make your banner image larger so it retains it’s quality when expanded over the different screen sizes. I went for a banner size of 2500px x 625px, at a resolution of 72.

Pixelglo Photography Etsy Banner 2016

As you can see, my new Etsy Shop banner features a series of tiled images from my print collection, including an image of one of my cameras laying upon some new prints!

New Etsy Shop Update 2016

Does this give the visitor a clear idea of what my shop has to offer? Do I need to add a slogan, or perhaps put my branding on there? My initial thought is that the new Etsy Shop layout does put a greater emphasis on your store name and highlights your shop announcement much more clearly – so do I need to reiterate my company message in the banner?

Time will tell!

I hope you enjoyed this little post about the new Etsy Shop update coming soon, and I wish you the best of luck adapting your store to compliment your company vision.

You can visit my Etsy Shop here:

Thanks for reading.

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