Kinder Scout: Hiking To The Highest Peak

So Frede and I recently hiked and climbed our way up through the beautiful and highest point of the Peak District called Kinder Scout.

With the urge to test ourselves, we decided to hit the 8 mile hike up and around ‘Kinder Scout’ – a small range of mountains which form a horse-shoe shape looming around the quaint English village of Edale, and sitting opposite the popular Mam Tor mountain peak across the valley.

Leaving early morning from Witham St.Hughs near Lincoln it took us only a couple of hours to pull up at Edale station car park, stepping out to admire the beautiful peaks of Kinder Scout standing tall in all directions.

By the way, Edale Train Station Car Park offers a very respectable £2.50 for 24 hours parking, so make sure you have change!

The Old Nags Head Pub in Edale, Peak District

A quick walk north through the village past The Old Nags Head pub lead us to a path which descended down over a small forest stream footbridge, and then out into open countryside to begin our ascent up the trail.

Small Footbridge, Edale, Peak District

Now whether you go clockwise or anticlockwise around the hike is your choice but bear in mind you’ll have to at some point endure ‘Jacobs Ladder’ – a winding steep pathway leading in and out of the valley. We decided to go anticlockwise and save the ladder for last, instead tackling a steep boulder-ridden path to the summit of the ridge.

The anticlockwise climb to Kinder Scout, Peak District

Once you make it to the top – some 2,087 ft above sea level – you quickly realise it’s all worth the climb and effort.

Standing on the frontier. Kinder Scout, Peak District

The view on a clear day is breathtaking. Everywhere you look boasts a distant horizon of mountain peaks, crisscrossed with the vapor trails of high altitude airliners.

Mam Tor in the distance at Kinder Scout

The path along the ridge varies in difficulty but there’s plenty of places to stop and have a picnic, catch your breath and admire the view. It’s so quiet up there, with the story of the valley below told through fallen rock formations and trickling streams that have etched their way over century’s down the mountains.

Frede sitting atop of Kinder Scout, Peak District

We were lucky as the there was almost no wind that day. Just a gentle breeze in places, and the small waterfalls we encountered giving us the perfect opportunity to kick our shoes off and dabble around in the cool mountain water for a few minutes.

Me, taking a moment to admire the view at Kinder Scout, Peak District

Making our way around, we deviated from the main path for a while and hopped over and navigated some large boulders formations which could have graced scenes from Lord Of The Rings – they were that cool and just… ‘there’.

Stone Footbridge at Edale, Peak District

Eventually we saw Jacobs Ladder in the distance with a few brightly coloured dots of hikers making the climb. We took our time to descend crossing the little stone bridge, and ended up walking for about an hour on normal roads and eventually arriving back to Edale for a much needed pint and bite to eat at the aptly named ‘The Rambler Inn’.

If you’re into walking, hiking, and exploring, this route around Kinder Scout is very accessible and all worth the time and effort. It took us about 5 to 6 hours including picnic stops and picture taking, and we’re already looking at hitting our next range of peaks nearby for our next hiking trip.

Thanks for reading.

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