MS Walk 2016 – Mission Successful

This weekend a group of intrepid friends and I tackled the 20km MS Walk around London to raise money in support of the MS Society.  Wouldn’t you know – we raised over £1,000!

As previously posted, a group of us took to the surprisingly sun-kissed streets of London this past weekend to take part in the annual ‘MS Walk’. A fun charity event where you follow a route through the streets of the capital at your own pace, walking your socks off to raise money for the MS Society. The MS Society are the organisation leading the fight against Multiple Sclerosis. We would like to thank everyone who donated money to the cause, and your support really helped us complete the challenge.

We all had a great time and felt totally exhausted towards the end, not just from the event, but also the travelling involved getting to the start area in Battersea Park.

MS Walk 2016

I’ve never been to Battersea Park before, and what a lovely park it is! Lots of autumn leaves blanketing the fields, and squirrels hopping from tree to tree teasing all the dogs being walked.

MS Walk 2016

Our route took us along the Thames, over the Millennium Bridge twice and around St. Pauls Cathedral. Then onto the Tower Of London, over the Tower Bridge and along the South Bank. We stopped a few times for refreshments and eventually completed the challenge after around 5 hours!

MS Walk

We met lots of MS Walk volunteers along the way who cheered us on and helped keep on the right path.

MS Walk 2016

MS Walk 2016

MS Walk 2016

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