Band Photography With The Vereophonics

I recently did a band photoshoot with a Stereophonics covers band from Hull, The Vereophonics. Here’s a few pictures from the day and how I we achieved the finished photography.

The Vereophonics, a dedicated Stereophonics covers band based in Hull got in touch with me looking for some new band photographs for 2017. The brief was to do some studio work, and then if possible, head outside for some more urban style shots. After a quick chat with my friend Darren at Lincoln University who helped me secure some theatre studio space, we set a date and made preparations.

The studio space we used came equipped with large heavy black curtains which blocked out the natural light coming into the room. This gave me full control over the lighting which was great considering the style of picture I wanted to achieve. The curtains also spanned around the room covering the white walls and equipment so I had my fingers crossed they would create decent black backdrop for the photos.

My aim of the indoor shoot was to take some dark moody shots to simulate the appearance of being on-stage. Darren helped me further by climbing up a huge set of ladders and switched on the overhead theatre spot lights which I used for shoulder lighting and outlines. I then managed to bag a smoke machine to give the photos that misty, stage atmosphere.

My delightful assistant Frede took some ‘behind the scenes’ photos during the shoot, and also provided another set of eyes for camera angles and set up. I find it’s always handy to have someone looking over your shoulder during a shoot to offer suggestions and ideas. It’s very easy to get blinkered into a style of shot, especially when you’re nailing it and ‘on a roll’.

Equipment wise, I arrived equipped with one Nikon SB-900 flash which was mounted to a light stand and flashing through a reasonably sized softbox. I had a second SB-700 flash fitted with a snoot, which I use to either backup the SB-900 or as highlight flash. Even though it was an incredibly straightforward set up, I was hoping the use of creative camera angles, depth of field and effective lighting would disguise the simplicity of the location.

The band arrived carrying a few guitars, and after a cup of tea, introductions, and finding some suitable background music (Stereophonics), we got down to work!

Band Photoshoot - The Vereophonics

Band Photoshoot - The Vereophonics

[easy-image-collage id=1554]

After the indoor shots we headed outside onto the Lincoln University Campus to find some urban settings. The Campus itself is still very new features a range of angular walkways, bridges, and modern architecture that can be a great backdrop for any sort of portraiture photography.

Band Photoshoot - The Vereophonics

[easy-image-collage id=1559]


Band Photoshoot - The Vereophonics

To conclude the session, we headed to Frede’s inner-city offices to use the rooftop balcony for some bonus album style photos. It was a bit windy, but we managed to capture some cool pictures.

Band Photoshoot - The Vereophonics

So that’s my band photoshoot recap with Hull based band, The Vereophonics.

Thanks for reading.

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