Lincoln Knights Trail Poster – Thirty Six Lincoln Knights in One Day

After walking the wonderful Lincoln Knights Trail to all four corners of the city, I was inspired to celebrate the occasion and came up with the idea of making a poster print.

This Lincoln Knights Trail poster (below) is now available in various sizes through my Etsy Shop which you can order online here.

Lincoln Knights Trail Poster

We decided to hit the Lincoln Knights Trail one sunny Sunday afternoon. It was really a pleasure following the map around the city to the various Knights, enjoying the artwork on show and especially the way some of the artists interpreted the project. A few hours of walking (your FitBit will love you), ice creams, and 30+ knights later, we covered around 10km overall so a great bit of exercise. It was also a delightful way to discover new corners of the city I’d never explored before.

Follow the Lincoln Knights Trail – 36 sculptures across Lincoln city centre – to celebrate the 800th anniversary of the Battle of Lincoln and the sealing of the Charter of the Forest.

β€œThe Battle of Lincoln, one of the most decisive in English history, meant that England would be ruled by the Angevin, not the Capetian dynasty.”
β€” Professor David Carpenter

This poster is just my way of celebrating the event, and although this isn’t the official poster, it was nice to speak to Visit Lincoln who were more than happy for me to promote this print which you can buy online through my Etsy Shop.

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