The World Needs More Pianos

‘The world needs more pianos.’ That’s what I kept telling myself as I walked back into a music store in Lincoln. In a week that saw some terrible events unfold around the world, I realised that now more than ever we need more pianos. More music. More art. More good things.

I’d been saving that money for a rainy day using my trusty Chip App. It was a sunday; a lazy day. Frede and I had a rare lay-in and decided to take a trip to Lincoln to get a nice coffee from our favourite coffee emporium, Caffe Nero, and get some new boots she needed. Coffee and boots. Simple! Walking past the Music Room, I suddenly got the urge to venture inside.

It’s been maybe 10 years since I last walked into a music shop, and rather than head straight to the guitars like I used to, I found myself floating towards the pianos. In the corner, away from the all the glossy grand pianos, I found a really nice looking digital piano encased in dark wood. I sat down. Turned it on. Pressed a few keys. I’m not sure what happened next but apparently I seemed to have consulted a friendly salesperson called Bruce and said I would ‘think about it’ after fetching my coffee?

After successfully finding boots for Frede, we were standing in line at Caffe Nero. I ordered her usual soya hot chocolate and my new favourite coffee, the cortado, and we departed for home. All the way home this giant piano-sized feeling hung over my thoughts but I kinda convinced myself that buying a piano was silly and I could spend the money on more worthwhile things.

Then Sunday night happened.

Several thousand miles away from my rural home county of Lincolnshire, under the bright never-ending lights of Las Vegas, Nevada, a truly terrible event took place that shook the world. Early Monday morning (GMT), as I was sat at my desk and should have been checking emails, I was in fact sat in sombre silence, watching news feeds of the hell that Stephen Paddock left behind after his senseless gun attack on concert goers at the Route 91 Harvest Festival.


My heart goes out to all those affected, and to the men and women of the emergency services and response teams who helped them. For most of this week I’ve been checking the latest reports, listening to the personal accounts of what happened and reading the neverending – almost futile – debate over gun control in the US. I know this is all happening way across the Atlantic and away from me, however living in such a globalised society with eyewitness videos at our fingertips and live action news streaming on the next browser tab, it’s easy for the world to feel very small; to empathise and feel sadness for those we see suffering. In the aftermath of these terrible events, it seems not enough is done in help and prevention. We just have to accept it, keep calm and carry on.

I believe this was the moment I decided the world needed more pianos. More good things. It’s okay to save money for a rainy day but we never know what’s going to happen tomorrow, or next week, or next year.

Yeah, some might argue we don’t need music, art, or dance… On the contrary, at times like these, in the world we currently live in… I say we need those things more than ever. To remind ourselves what is beautiful and what beauty we can create. Yeah, we can’t stop crazy dictators threatening war upon each other, or terrible superstorms destroying towns and villages, or people deciding out of nowhere to commit mass murder with automatic weapons. We can however pick up a guitar, paint a picture, write a poem… buy an awesome piano and play whatever songs come to mind (like the Jurassic Park theme)!

My savings are back to zero, but hey, in it’s place stands a piano, ready to be played and make music. With all the crap going on around the world right now… we need more pianos.

Thanks for reading…

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