My Top 6 ‘Must Watch’ Netflix Series 2017

You’ve had a long tiresome day at work… at school… at college. Time seemed to slow down to a painful crawl. From the moment you left the house, all you could think about was getting home and building an impenetrable warm fort of comfy.

Well now it’s home time, and already the autumn night draws in as the sun makes a bee-line for the next day. Hats and scarfs. Umbrellas a must. Misty breath. Wet trodden leaves. Rivers of glowing crimson brake lights as commuters queue up in their cars.

You finally make it home. Close the door behind you. Greet your loved one. Your kid. Your cat. Your dog… ‘who’s a good boy.’ Heating on. Fire on. Hot drink made. Biscuit. Warm cosy illumination, check. Blankets and throws. TV… on.

Here is my top 6 ‘must see’ Netflix series (in no particular order).


1. Designated Survivor

Designated Survivor is your perfect ‘have dinner in front of the TV’ series, serving you a feast of thrilling White House political drama with a dash of explosions and plot twists! Very easy to watch. The opening 3 minutes of the first episode literally sets the scene for the entire  show. Kiefer Sutherland is fantastic in the lead role, flanked by a wide variety of likeable characters. Give this a few episodes and you’ll be hooked.


Isn’t this like House of Cards?
Not quite. Same Washington setting but very different shows. I moved onto Designated Survivor after finishing House of Cards (listed below) which is a much more tempered, intellectual affair. Designated Survivor is all dramatic music and last second Presidential decisions. House of Cards is a complex weave of double-dealings and ruthless  ‘cloak and daggers’.

Watch the trailer:


2. iZombie

We know what it’s like when a friend recommends a new series to watch. You respond with ‘cautious enthusiasm’. Trying to decide whether you should invest your already limited time into something that isn’t one of your safe ‘go to’ series you normally gravitate towards.


So… iZombie. Recommended to me by a close friend with impeccable trusted taste. It was a tuesday. We started the first episode. Then went onto the next, and the next.

Many weeks went by…

It was a Friday. Finishing this episode in a buoyant mood we waited for the next one to start. The next episode didn’t start. It turns out, we had watched the entire iZombie catalogue and were horrified at having to the prospect of waiting like mere mortals for the new season and new episodes to drip-feed onto Netflix!

iZombie is an awesome, funny, upbeat cool series that’s so easy to watch! Imagine a modern-day Buffy The Vampire Slayer with zombies, and a refreshing spread of story-arcs that often take episodes away from the lead characters. Given it’s Halloween soon, this is a perfect time to get your iZombie fix!

Watch the trailer:


3. House of Cards

What is there to say about a series as acclaimed and award winning as House of Cards? Truly gripping drama, headlined by the awesome Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright as they seek to take over and rule Washington and the White House.


Where as Designated Survivor was all explosions and dramatic decisions, House of Cards is deception, lies, and ruthless passive aggression. This is a series that demands your attention, and draws you right in amongst the treacherous whispers echoing around the halls of Capitol Hill.

Watch the trailer:


4. Star Trek: Discovery

So I’m a Trekkie. My first ever memories of TV involved eating dinner with my family whilst watching Kirk and Spock beam down to a barren looking planet, and fighting a man inside a rubber monster outfit. I also remember that scary ‘pointy headed’ alien dude that appeared in the credits?! You know!


Since those classic days we’ve enjoyed The Next Generation, DS9, Voyager and finally Enterprise. Star Trek: Discovery is the first TV series of the franchise in a long time, and this exciting new adventure follows the style and modern directing of the successful Star Trek movies by JJ Abrams.

I found the first few episodes of this new series really refreshing and gripping, with the story focussing on the aspiring and reckless underdog, Lt. Michael Burnham, played by Sonequa Martin-Green. From the onset you realise her character is layered with backstory, trauma, and conflicting judgement. Discovery is not like any other Star Trek series I have watched, bringing you right down into the action of a hostile and tense galactic stand-off… blurring the lines between good and evil. It’s greatly entertaining, and you don’t have to be a Trekkie to enjoy this spectacle. Get stuck in, and go where no one has Netflixed before!

Watch the trailer:


5. Stranger Things

Unless you’re a squirrel who’s been living in a tree with no wifi, you may have heard about this next ‘must watch’ helping. Now occupying its rightful place near the top of everyone’s “Watch Again” list, Stranger Things has achieved cult status in little over a year of being released on Netflix.


Set during the most awesome of decades, the original and nostalgic 1980s, Stranger Things boasts a beautiful attention to detail in a series that stands alone on originality and theme. A creepy and passionate blend of science fiction and friendship survival. From Hot-Rod bicycles, to long-corded beige kitchen telephones. From mysterious evil that lurks in the shadows, to monsters that turn the world… upside down.

Don’t be a stranger to Stranger Things. Invest the time before Season 2 lands on Netflix on the 27th October.

Watch the trailer:


6. The Keepers

You know how it is trying to find something on Netflix. You kinda scroll… then scroll a bit more. 15 minutes later you’re still scrolling with the remote in one hand, whilst Googling with your phone in the other making a last ditch attempt to find something decent.

This one time, we actually took the plunge and pressed the big-ol’ play button and begin watching The Keepers. A documentary series recounting the real life investigation of the disappearance of Sister Cathy Cesnik – a beloved nun and Catholic high school teacher in Baltimore in 1969. We follow Gemma Hoskins and Abbie Fitzgerald Schaub – former students of the school who take it upon themselves to uncover and expose the truth surrounding her unexpected disappearance.


At first, I wasn’t too sure what to expect. Without spoiling anything for you, this tragic and powerful story unravels more and more with each episode. It is both incredible and heart wrenching, the sheer scale of the investigation and where the series takes you.

Watch the trailer:


7. Special Mention: Gilmore Girls

Okay so I know this is my top 6 ‘must watch’ Netflix series, however if there was ever a series that deserves a shiny bonus point and special mention, it’s Gilmore Girls. You must have heard of it. Or perhaps know someone who wears a ‘Lukes Coffee’ tshirt!


I watched Gilmore Girls in its glorious entirety last Autumn/Winter, which is also the best time to watch this series by the way. It’s a very light hearted but sometimes tearful American drama with lots of quick witted humour sprinkled on top.

You follow the adventures and life lessons of single mother Lorelai Gilmore and her daughter Rory. Everything is pretty much set in the quaint and quirky town of Stars Hollow, which is filled with lovable supporting characters who really make the show whole. It’s not always smooth sailing however as our leading ladies often make questionable life choices which in my opinion, only makes them more relatable and human.

Watch this series and get drawn into a delightful, easy watching story that arcs over many series and featurette episodes. You can’t go wrong with Gilmore Girls. Grab yourself a seat at Lukes, and order a coffee.

You smell that? Snow’s coming.

Watch the trailer:–uQ

Thanks for reading,


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