Getting Off Your Cloud

So this is the first post I’ve written in response to a daily ‘one word challenge’. In this case, the word is ‘neophyte‘ – to be a beginner or to undertake something new.

You’ve done this before. It feels second nature. Familiar. Most of the time it’s easy and you don’t even give it a first thought. Getting up in the morning. Travelling to work. Driving your car. Achieving that deadline. Going shopping. Buying fresh groceries. Kissing a loved one. Going to the movies. Venting your frustration about something to someone. Giving someone close to you a much needed hug. Petting your cat. Listening to music. Having a warm shower. Enjoying a cooked meal.

It’s like flicking on a switch while your mind switches off. Your thoughts drift without you realising and all of a sudden, you’re no longer there. You’re anywhere else.

Have you ever driven your car or walked somewhere and minutes later, when your thoughts finally let the present back in, you wonder how the hell you got there? Yeah it’s good to let your mind travel, but sometimes its good to live in the ‘here and now’ and appreciate those things that have become part of the furniture.

This post is inspired by the word ‘neophyte’ – to be a beginner or a novice at something. To have embarked upon something new.

I could have written about something fresh I’d taken up recently, but instead decided to draw your attention to the things we might already have. The things we might take for granted. There was a time when all those things called upon your focus and appreciation and I find it kind of sad to ‘switch off’, and I’m guilty of this. I’m a big daydreamer and often have to be forcefully pulled back into the present because my mind is off wandering in another place. As a result, I’ve observed that I end up becoming impatient at the present and just want to get it over with. I’m too quick to escape into my thoughts and demote the ‘here and now’ which is why I’m trying to slow things down, and see the old stuff with new eyes.

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