Hi, I’m Edward. Thanks for visiting my blog…

So I’ve had blogs in the past, but have never really been much of a blogger. I usually just wrote the odd piece about photography, fan fiction or travel, but there was always this sense of formality in my writing. I used to keep things at arms-length.

Over the years I’ve lost a lot of confidence and belief in myself. Maybe that’s a story for another time. However this blog arrives when I find myself standing up straight, smiling, and loving every single day. This blog is a new start told right from the heart!

So I’m well into my 30’s right now, and a bit of a sci-fi, music loving geek who loves motorcycles, golf, american football, and yoga. I work as a marketing manager and senior web developer for an awesome company in Lincoln. In my own time I like to dabble with freelance photography and have recently discovered the piano again.

I live in a small village coach house in the south of Lincoln with my amazing girlfriend Frede, and our two cats Edgar (the international fluff bum) and Leia (the fluffy tyrant). Frede and I have lived together for a few years now after she uprooted her life all the way from Canada to start a new adventure here.


She brings out the best in me. Helping me to realise my strengths and embrace my vulnerabilities. We love to travel, go for rides on the motorcycle, and go walking and hiking together.

If there’s a cat in the street, I stop and pay my regards. If there’s a plane up in the sky, I wonder who’s on it and where they’re going. I’m a dreamer. A thinker. I try to be creative. If you have any questions or want to talk photography, please connect on the networks below or comment on one of my posts!

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Shameless plug time. I’m the proud owner of an Etsy Shop selling prints and wall art to the world. It’s a real treat to turn my photography into something real and have it compliment someone’s living space! Visit my shop here: pixelglophotography.etsy.com

Prints & Wall Art on my Etsy Shop

Thanks for visiting…



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