Just a quick photo post from my Flickr gallery. This one coming from the heart of Montmartre in Paris peering through the stone steps towards the famous carousel... 

Band Photography With The Vereophonics

I recently did a band photoshoot with a Stereophonics covers band from Hull, The Vereophonics. Here's a few pictures from the day and how I we achieved the finished photography. The Vereophonics, a dedicated Stereophonics covers band based in Hull got in touch with me looking for some new band photographs for 2017. The brief... Continue Reading →

Lincoln Classic Car Rally 2016 Photos

Each year we're gifted with some visual treats along the Brayford Pool Waterfront here in Lincoln. Today saw the Lincoln Classic Car Rally 2016! Thanks for looking! Here's a few pics from the Lincoln Classic Car Rally 2016! =) Thanks for looking. Edward

New Etsy Shop Update For April 5, 2016

A big Etsy Shop update is scheduled for April 5th, 2016, including a new Etsy Shop Layout with streamlined features and a variety of banner options! Etsy have released details of a new Etsy Shop update taking effect on April 5th 2016, including a whole host of layout design changes and banner options to help proud sellers like... Continue Reading →

An Update From Tatooine

So I've had a hankering for a while to shoot some more Lego Star Wars Photography, and this past weekend I managed to capture a few photographs! Setting off to the local hardware store (B&Q) amidst the hive of Saturday morning shoppers, I muscled in with the rest of the DIY enthusiasts and searched for... Continue Reading →

An Urge To Play With Some Lego

So I'm getting the urge to play with some Lego again, and by that, I mean create some scenes and have a photo shoot with awesome Lego Star Wars characters! It's been a while since I last took shots of Darth Vader and his awesome Tie-Fighter, and I'd like to move this theme forward a little now.... Continue Reading →

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